Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Episode 81: Ideas Or The Lack Of Them Can Cause Disease!--Kilgore Trout

Greetings Dear Listener,

If Bill Hicks were alive today, he would have had a birthday this week.

Lemuria played in town the other night.  They instantly made themselves some of my favorite people.  Great band, even better human beings.  Here's a link to order their new single/comic book:  Silver Sprocket.

The White Wives play at The Shop tonight.  The show starts at 7pm.  The Shop is at 4314 Main St, Pittsburgh PA 15224.

The past few weeks have been very good on the ears with new music.  Obliterations and Priests have quickly become two of my favorites.  Priests have a Bandcamp page here.  Obliterations are on Southern Lord and here's an article about the band.

Speaking of Southern Lord, it looks like their webstore has a few copies of Sleep's The Clarity left on vinyl.  The ten minute track is pressed at 45rpm on the a-side and there's an etched b-side.

And speaking of Sleep, Al Cisneros' other project, Om, will be releasing a live album through Outer Battery.  There will be 200 on red vinyl and 800 on gold.

I'm still waiting on my copy of the Velvet Underground's super deluxe box set of their self-titled album.  I was waiting to find one at a friendlier price and ordered one from England.  The place I ordered it from also had Dinosaur Jr.'s Hand It Over on vinyl.  Hooray.

Stankmore Industries returns as a sponsor with a new product that will make all of our lives easier.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 81

Here's the playlist:
1.  Boss Kong~Ride To Die~The Humans Soundtrack #2
2.  Priests~Modern Love/No Weapon~Bodies And Control And Money And Power
3.  Obliterations~Scapegoat~Poison Everything
4.  Killer Of Sheep~Killer Of Sheep~Out Of Time
5.  Lemuria~Christine Perfect~Turnstile Comix #3
6.  nothing~July The Fourth~nothing/Whirr Split
7.  Aus-Rotten~Plausible Deniability~The Rotten Agenda
8.  Beach Boys~Sloop John B~Pet Sounds (Mono)
9.  Helmet~I Know~Betty
10.  Whirr~Lean~nothing/Whirr Split
11.  Mary Timony~On The Floor~Ex Hex
12.  Gorilla Biscuits~New Direction~Start Today
13.  Ma Jolie~A Song About Boats~Polars-A Years Collection
14.  Ramones~Rock 'n' Roll High School~Live NYC 1982
15.  Ex Hex~Don't Wanna Lose~Rips
16.  Inside Out~Undertone~No Spiritual Surrender
17.  Lightning Bolt~Barbarian Boy~Adult Swim Singles Program 2013
18.  Auntie Christ~Rat In The Tunnel Of Love~Boys Lie
19.  Government Issue~Plain To See~Boycott Stabb Complete Session
20.  One Day As A Lion~Ocean View~One Day As A Lion
21.  Eddy Current Suppression Ring~Sunday's Coming~Primary Colours
22.  Savage Amused~Twist My Words~Savage Amused
23.  Amen~Hello (One Chord Lovers)~Death Before Musick
24.  Stains~Germany~Stains
25.  Goblin Cock~Just Fucking Humans~The Humans Soundtrack #2

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lemuria Venue Change

Just a quick note for those that live in the Pittsburgh area and wanted to go to the show:

Lemuria's show on Tuesday, 12/16/2014, has changed locations.

The new venue is the Mr. Roboto Project.

Here's a link to the place:

Their address is:

5106 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA, 15224

Advanced tickets are being sold through Lemuria's web store:

No service fees and you still get on the list for the free single.  Hooray.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Episode 80: Crawling Out Of The Black Friday Bunker

Greeting Dear Listener,

Those jackbooted thugs known as Santa Claus and Baby Jesus are bearing down on us mightily.  I'm not sure how much more merriment I can handle and it's only the 3rd.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released over the weekend.  The only thing the trailer did for me was reaffirm my notion that the internet is a racist.  How people can flip their wigs over a black stormtrooper is beyond me.

First of all, it is set 30 years after Return Of The Jedi.  Maybe all of the Jango "Died Like A Bitch" Fett clones died off or took the Imperial retirement offer.  After all, they were on two Death Stars that got blowed up.  Who would still want to work there after that?  Maybe the Empire went trolling for fodder at local community colleges and high schools.  The economy on a desert planet can't be that great.  Beyond the secondhand droid market, where's someone going to get a job?  Fuck it, sign up for stormtroopering and you'll get to see the galaxy.  You don't even need to know how to aim your blaster.  Just blindly pull the trigger and hope for the best.

Second of all, Star Wars isn't real.  Sorry to burst any bubbles but it's not an historical account of anything.  It's a made up story.  Take a breath and shut the fuck up.  Maybe those shitty prequels would have been better if they'd have cloned Django instead of Jango.

AMC has been rolling out clips before Better Call Saul starts up in February.  I am so glad Jonathan Banks signed on for the show.

I damn near forgot that with a new Deerhoof release, there might be a Deerhoof flexi-book to go with it.  The La Isla Bonita flexi-book is out now and is a sight to be seen.  There were only 500 made and they may have sold out by now.  Go to the Polyvinyl site to find out.  Joyful Noise put it together and released another instructional video to go with it.

Recently, there was a joint release between Mind Cure and A-F Records to press Modey Lemons self-titled album to vinyl.  The CD release from the 00's was good.  This vinyl pressing will liquify your brain.

Modey Lemon's House On The Hill demo CDR was also pressed to vinyl by Omentum Records.

Both records can be found at Mind Cure.  Go get them.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 80

Here's the playlist:
1.  Ty Segall~Mother Lemonade~$ingle$ 2
2.  EnemyMine~Nightmare Air~The Ice In Me
3.  Tinariwen~Timadrit In Sahara~Emmaar
4.  Sham 69~Family Life~Tell Us The Truth
5.  The Wipers~Tragedy~Is This Real
6.  Fugazi~In Defense Of Humans~First Demo
7.  John Coltrane~It's Easy To Remember~The Classic Quartet: Complete Impulse! Recordings
8.  UV Race~Girl In My Head~Homo
9.  Chris Stowe~Sometimes They Give Us Beer For Free~Hollow
10.  Wilson Pickett~Mustang Sally~Wilson Pickett: A Man And A Half
11.  Modey Lemon~Garbageman, Garbageman~House On The Hill
12.  Bruce Banner~Nostalgia~I've Had It With Humanity
13.  Tess Brunet~Left~The Great Nothing
14.  Rollins Band~One Thousand Times Blind~Life Time
15.  The Homeless Gospel Choir~Black Friday~I Used To Be So Young
16.  Bad Religion~Stranger Than Fiction~Stranger Than Fiction
17.  Eddie & The Subtitles~American Society~Fuck You Eddie!
18.  Slant 6~Don't You Ever?~Soda Pop*Rip Off
19.  The Ramones~Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment~It's Alive
20.  Buck Gooter~A To Z~The Spider's Eyes
21.  King Buzzo~Dark Brown Teeth~This Machine Kills Artists
22.  Chain & The Gang~Never Been Properly Loved~Minimum Rock 'n' Roll
23.  Vision Of Disorder~Loveless~The Cursed Remain Cursed
24.  TV Smith~Festival Of Fools~I Delete
25.  Stains~Get Revenge~Stains

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 79: Humans For Life + Humans Till Deth

Greetings Dear Listener,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Sons Of Anarchy happened on The Planet Of The Apes?  Well a couple of folks did and put together a comic book about it.  Get yourselves to your local comics store and pick up The Humans.  Issue #1 is out now and #2 comes out in early December.  Issue #0 was self-published and bundled with a single featuring Zig Zags and Smelly Tongues.  Each issue going forward will have a free download for a new song from a different band.

I staggered out to the movie theater last week to see the advanced screening of Rosewater.  Jon Stewart made one fine movie.  The post-film conversation that was streamed into the theater gave me the phrase "weaponized banal idiocy."  I've been having a lot of fun with those words.

While goofing around on the internets, I came across the greatest t-shirt design ever.  Sadly, it is no longer available.  Hail Satan like a mother-fucker.

White Wives will be playing on December 18th.  Advance tickets are available here.  They're finally getting around to playing a record release show for the single they put out last year.

Throat singing bad asses, Huun-Huur-Tu were in town a few weeks ago.  I missed the show due to the fact that I forgot about it until the day after.  Dammit.

Ty Segall released a second collection of singles this week.  $ingle$ 2 is the title of it.  Vinyl and downloads can be found here.  And I'm sure by the time you are done reading this Ty will have put out another record.  Prolific, he is.

The last time I was over at Mind Cure, the singles bin was rife with quality 45's.  "Was" is the operative word.  Now my shelf is rife with quality 45's.  A large chunk of this episode consists of singles I dubbed into the digital realm.  Enjoy.  Loudly.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 79

Here's the playlist:
1.  Zig Zags~Humans March/Lets Die~The Humans Soundtrack
2.  Vanishing Life~People Running~People Running
3.  Iceage~Simony~Plowing The Field Of Love
4.  Unnatural Helpers~Dirty, Dumb & Comical~Dirty, Dumb & Comical
5.  Le Butcherettes~Your Weakness Gives Me Life~Cry Is For The Flies
6.  Melvins~Bride Of Crankenstein~Hold It In
7.  Modey Lemon~You Bug Me~You Bug Me
8.  Karp~Prison Shake~Prison Shake
9.  The Wipers~Nome Noma~Nome Noma
10.  Electric Wizard~Time To Die~Time To Die
11.  Tacocat~SK8 Or Die~Woman's Day
12.  Moral Mazes~Stay Unprepared~Magic Tommy Jackson
13.  Pissed Jeans~Sam Kinison Woman~Sam Kinison Woman
14.  Huun-Huur-Tu~Prayer~Ancestors Call
15.  Deerhoof~Paradise Girls~La Isla Bonita
16.  Whirr~Mumble~Sway
17.  Jawbreaker~Boxcar~24 Hour Revenge Therapy
18.  Bratmobile~Stab~Pottymouth
19.  The Ramones~I Don't Wanna Be Learned/I Don't Wanna Be Tamed~Ramones
20.  Weezer~Go Away~Everything Will Be Alright In The End
21.  Thee Oh Sees~Penetrating Eye~Drop
22.  godheadSilo~Nap Attack~Share The Fantasy
23.  Pavement~Date w/ Ikea (Peel Session)~Brighten The Corners (Deluxe)
24.  Stains~Gang-Related Death~Stains
25.  Smelly Tongues~Live To Ride~The Humans Soundtrack

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Episode 78: Dia De Los Muertos

Greetings Dear Listener,

There is not too much to report this time around so I'll keep this brief.

It's been rather hectic here at the home office so I haven't been paying much attention to the news of the nerd.

World's Scariest Police Chases played their final two shows last week.  Of course I missed the show that was local.  I found out about it the morning after it happened.  Oops.  I did peel the flyer for the show off of the wall in the stairwell at the record store.

Lemuria will be out on tour this winter.  They're giving away a free single with every advanced ticket sale.  They've also got a holiday flexi-postcard in their webstore.

And no, it's not that Prince opening.

Am I the only one that noticed yesterday's election results were another example of this country's long standing tradition of voting against their own best interests?  The Empire is falling and we're all witnessing the history firsthand.  When the aliens study this time period, their heads will burst with laughter.  We are fucked.  Hooray.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 78

Here's the playlist:
1.  The Clash~Janie Jones~The Clash (UK)
2.  Beastie Boys~You Catch A Bad One~Aglio e Olio
3.  R.L. Burnside~Let My Baby Ride~Come On In
4.  James Brown~Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved~Revolution Of The Mind
5.  Rowland S. Howard~(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny~Pop Crimes
6.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience~Spanish Castle Magic~Axis: Bold As Love
7.  Gun Club~Port Of Souls~Mother Juno
8.  Minutemen~Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs~Post-Mersh, Vol. 1
9.  Robert Johnson~They're Red Hot~The Complete Recordings
10.  The Ramones~Beat On The Brat~Ramones
11.  The Velvet Underground~The Black Angel's Death Song~The Velvet Underground & Nico (Mono)
12.  Nirvana~Breed~Nevermind
13.  Bob Marley & The Wailers~Get Up, Stand Up~Legend
14.  Bill Hicks~Rush Limbaugh~Rant In E-Minor
15.  Miriam Makeba~Pata Pata~Pata Pata
16.  The Stooges~T.V. Eye~Fun House
17.  The Beatles~Happiness Is A Warm Gun~The White Album (Mono)
18.  Miles Davis~So What~Kind Of Blue (Mono)
19.  Betty Blowtorch~I Wanna Be On Epitaph~Last Call
20.  John Belushi~Louie, Louie~Animal House
21.  The Ruts~Something That I Said~Peel Session 5/14/1979
22.  Marvin Gaye~Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
23.  Devo~Too Much Paranoias~Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
24.  Pete Seeger~Bourgeois Blues~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
25.  The Cramps~Green Fuz~Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Episode 77: Boo

Happy Halloween Dear Listener,

And nothing screams Halloween more than Glenn Danzig buying kitty litter.

As Halloween is upon us and Christmas decorations are already in the stores, this episode will serve as our salute to all things sweet and evil.  This episode was a great deal of fun to put together so I hope you enjoy it.

Joyous news came earlier this week.  Sleater-Kinney will be putting out a new record in January and touring this winter.  No Cities To Love is available to pre-order in multiple formats over at Sub Pop.  The first single is Bury Our Friends and was included as a one-sided 45 in the Stay Together box set that was released this week.  Here's the video for it:

J Mascis came through town last week and completely crippled my brain.  I never thought that one man with an acoustic guitar could give a PA such a hard time.  Denny The Sound Guy had one helluva time keeping it from reaching meltdown.  I skipped dinner to get to the venue early for a good seat and a cup of coffee.  My efforts paid off two-fold because I got to meet the man and thank him for taking years off of my hearing.  Here's a picture that I took from my table:
The opening act was a band from Australia called Luluc.  They were great except for the fact that my 15 year old brain could not get over the fact that they looked like Cate Blanchett and Russell Brand gave up acting to become Australia's fourth most popular folk duo.  I crack me up.

The Gaslight Anthem played last week as well and they brought Against Me! with them.  Other than the shitty venue and excessive lights, it was a great show.  Going on after Against Me! every night has got to be a great challenge.

And of course, every time I say that I'll never go back to that venue someone gets booked there.  Sleater-Kinney will be playing that beer filled toilet bowl in March.  Something tells me they will break that shitty PA that was designed for electronic music.

Last week, Iggy Pop gave a lecture on the state of music and other such topics at an event dedicated to the BBC's John Peel.  The man dropped the science for about an hour.  You can go here to download it.

A few months ago, Sleep released The Clarity as a free digital download through Adult Swim.  I thought a 12-inch single with an etched b-side would have been a great idea.  Apparently Sleep did too.  They pressed up 1,000 of them back in August and I missed it.  I had to get mine from a record flipper on the ebays.  Savages.  Here's what the b-side looks like:

And it seems that there will be a cartoon involving Mike Tyson and mystery solving.  Here's the first episode:

In more bizarre news, there was an online petition demanding that Toys R Us stop selling Breaking Bad themed toys.  The woman who started the petition ended up on the Today Show saying that it sets a bad example for children to sell toys that come with tiny bags of plastic meth.  Maybe she should stop complaining about the toys and just ignore them.  If she's not going to buy the toys for her children then what's the problem?  The lady also failed to notice that these toys are sold in Wal-Marts and other retailers but did not mention them in her petition.  Maybe the example we should show our children is how a well crafted a story and following through on that idea as far as they possibly can, regardless of how goofy it might be, could end up with action figures being made of that idea.  People are assholes with nothing better to do.  And doesn't every G.I. Joe and Transformer come with a gun?

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 77

Here's the playlist:

Many treats and a few tricks.