Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Episode Eleven: D'oh!!!

Greetings Dear Listener,

Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, there was no Record Store Day action for me.  But on the bright side, I did come across that elusive Hartford Whalers jersey I've been searching for for quite some time now.  Unfortunately, I am too old and slow to start playing hockey again.  Oh well.

Last week's post had an interestingly large amount of visitors.  My guess is the use of the words "free," "video" and "pussy" is what caused the traffic.  How sorely disappointed some folks must have been.  Maybe they should stop being lazy and use their imaginations from time to time.  Ha-ho.

Look for a new Toadies record in July.  The first single will be available for download in May.  There also seems to be some sort of Toadies/Helmet tour in the works.  It'll be like 1997 all over again.

There's not much else to report on so I'll keep this brief.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Eleven

Here's the playlist:

1.  The Vaselines~Son of A Gun~Enter The Vaselines
2.  High on Fire~De Vermis Mysteriis~De Vermis Mysteriis
3.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds~Hold On To Yourself~Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
4.  Poison The Well~Meeting Again For The First Time~You Come Before You
5.  Empire~Safety~Expensive Sound
6.  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion~Ole Man Trouble~Mo' Width
7.  Faith~What's Wrong With Me~Subject To Change & First Demo
8.  VUM~Echo Mountain~Night Sun
9.  Refused~Rather Be Dead~Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent
10.  Toadies~Ruth~Pleather
11.  Walter Schreifels~Wild Pandas~An Open Letter To The Scene
12.  Dinosaur Jr.~Forget The Swan~Dinosaur
13.  Circle Jerks~Brick~Oddities, Abnormalities, And Curiosities
14.  Miles Davis~Blue In Green~Kind Of Blue
15.  The Fix~Cos The Elite~At The Speed Of Twisted Thought...
16.  The Ramones~Judy Is A Punk~Ramones
17.  Embrace~Said Gun~Embrace
18.  LL Cool J~Momma Said Knock You Out~Momma Said Knock You Out
19.  I Am The Avalanche~The Place You Love Is Gone~Avalanche United
20.  U.K. Subs~Stranglehold~Another Kind Of Blues
21.  Helmet~FBLA II~Meantime
22.  The Velvet Underground~Who Loves The Sun~Loaded
23.  Social Distortion~Story Of My Life~Greatest Hits
24.  Nirvana~Son of A Gun~Incesticide
25.  Leadbelly~Goodnight Irene~Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Episode Ten: Free Pussy Riot!!!

No, Free Pussy Riot is not what occurs during some sort of odd door buster at a Wal-Mart in Nevada.  Pussy Riot is a Russian punk band that has been jailed for reasons that defy logic and reason in the year 2012.

Here are a few Pussy Riot associated links for more information:

New York Times Article

Free Pussy

Another New York Times Article

There are also a few Pussy Riot videos on the Youtubes.

The human race is a curiously stupid animal.

There are two new OFF! songs posted on their website.  A video for the song Wiped Out is there as well.

May 8th is the official OFF! release date.  Giddy with anticipation indeed.

Record Store Day is almost upon us.  I will be all coffee'd up on Friday to participate in the Midnight Madness madness.  I'm sure I won't get half of the things on my list but it'll be worth it to witness the insanity.  If I remember correctly, there will be sandwiches.  Roast beef with Lemuria and a side of Horrible Crowes.

Not only is Saturday Record Store Day, it is also the 64th birthday of Iggy Pop.  Break out the Stooges records and turn it up to 11.  Iggy wasn't made from a mold, he was carved from stone.

That's all to report for now.

Thanks for listening.

Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Ten

Here's the playlist:

1.  Anti-Flag~Nothing Recedes Like Progress~The General Strike
2.  Roky Erickson & The Aliens~Don't Shake Me Lucifer~Evil One
3.  Crayon-Death~Missionaries~Three-Sixteen
4.  Rage Against The Machine~Snake Charmer~Evil Empire
5.  Black Face~I Want To Kill You~Black Face
6.  Otis Redding~Ole Man Trouble~Dock Of The Bay
7.  Squatwieler~Made Naked~New Motherstamper
8.  Mark Of Cain~Second Hander~This Is This
9.  The Misfits~Attitude~Box Set
10.  Drop Kick Murphys~Which Side Are You On?~Sing Loud, Sing Proud!
11.  The Buzzcocks~Fiction Romance~Another Music In A Different Kitchen
12.  Fugazi~Burning~13 Songs
13.  David Cross~I Can't Get Beer In Me~Bigger And Blackerer
14.  The Damned~See Her Tonite~Damned, Damned, Damned
15.  Devo~Mongoloid~Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo
16.  Woody Guthrie~1913 Massacre~Hard Travelin': The Asche Recordings
17.  Bob Dylan~Song To Woody~Bob Dylan (Mono)
18.  The Clash~Clampdown~London Calling
19.  Gaslight Anthem~I'da Called You Woody, Joe~Sink Or Swim
20.  Quicksand~Divorce~Manic Compression
21.  Half Life~All Our Yesterdays~All Our Yesterdays
22.  XBXRX~Ear Ever Hear~Wars
23.  Bad Brains~Super Touch/Shit Fit~Black Dots
24.  7 Seconds~99 Red Balloons~Walk Together, Rock Together
25.  Justin Sane~Don't Call It Zuccotti, Call It Liberty

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Episode Nine: Don't Sweat The Sweatervest

Once again, it is time for us to congregate around twenty-five songs of musical goodness.

Am I the only person that is bothered by beer ads?  They are nothing but miniature manuals on how to be a douche.

There are a few themes to be found in this playlist.  Something about sleep and having a nervous breakdown.  That seems to be right in my "wheel-house" as sportscasters are prone to say.

Point your googler toward the term "trans-vaginal ultrasound."  It is not the name of a Scandinavian metal band.  Chances are there is a law coming to a state legislature near you if not already.  To quote the great Greg Graffin, these are the new dark ages.

Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Nine

Here's the playlist:

1.  Jimi Hendrix~Hear My Train A Coming~Blues
2.  Iceage~Collapse~New Brigade
3.  Kid Dynamite~Pause~Kid Dynamite
4.  Public Enemy~Harder Than You Think~How Do You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
5.  Lemuria~Race The Germ~Ozzy
6.  Rise Against~Sight Unseen~Rise Against/Anti-Flag Split
7.  Othar Turner~Glory, Glory Hallelujah~Everybody Hollerin' Goat
8.  Caustic Christ~Frat Boy~Can't Relate
9.  Bad Religion~Don't Sell Me Short~New America
10.  Wire~12XU~Pink Flag
11.  Eddie Cochran~Nervous Breakdown~The Future Is Unwritten
12.  Black Flag~Nervous Breakdown~Nervous Breakdown EP
13.  Rolling Stones~19th Nervous Breakdown~Singles Collection: The London Years
14.  Snapcase~20th Nervous Brakdown~Designs For Autimotion
15.  Corin Tucker Band~Half A World Away~1,000 Years
16.  Jaguar Love~Bats Over The Pacific Ocean~Take Me To The Sea
17.  Living End~Roll On~Roll On
18.  Moondog~Distance~Moondog
19.  Tim Armstrong~Into Action~ A Poet's Life
20.  John Coltrane~My Favorite Things~The Very Best Of John Coltrane
21.  D.R.I.~I'd Rather Be Sleeping~Dealing With It
22.  Black Sabbath~Behind The Wall Of Sleep~Black Sabbath
23.  Sleep~Dragonaut~Sleep's Holy Mountain
24.  Turmoil~The Discipline Of Self Loathing~Process Of...
25.  Strike Anywhere~To The World~Exit English

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Episode Eight: Neighborhood Watch Does Not Equal Batman

It is that time again, dear listener.

Refused will be playing a handful of shows in the US over the summer with OFF!.  Of course there is no Pittsburgh or Cleveland date so bad news for me.  Time to take out a loan and gas up the car.  I'm sure all of the local promoters passed on the show because they am dumb.

Enough griping.

George Carlin starts off this installment.  If there was ever a debate over the greatest master of language, George Carlin would be my choice.  To hell with Shakespeare and Dickens.

Screeching Weasel makes another appearance with "I Hate Led Zeppelin."  Page and Plant are thieves and should be treated as such.

Thanks for downloading.

Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Eight

Here's the playlist:

1.  George Carlin~Snot, The Original Rubber Cement~Toledo Window Box
2.  Amen~Please Kill Me~Death Before Musick
3.  Bikini Kill~Rebel Girl~New Radio
4.  Nirvana~D-7~Nevermind 20th Anniversary
5.  Inside Out~Redemption~No Spiritual Surrender
6.  Le Butcherettes~I'm Queen~Kiss & Kill
7.  The Beatles~Come Together~Abbey Road
8.  Rollins Band~Obscene~End of Silence Demos
9.  Motorhead~Orgasmatron~Orgasmatron
10.  Jawbox~Savory~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
11.  Vision of Disorder~Jada Bloom~Imprint
12.  The Evens~Around The Corner~The Evens
13.  Ramesses~Ramesses II~We Will Lead You To Glorious Times
14.  Elvis Costello~45~When I Was Cruel
15.  Screeching Weasel~I Hate Led Zeppelin~Boogadaboogadaboogada!
16.  Jim Ward~Broken Songs~Quiet In The Valley, On The Shore The End Begins
17.  Rival Schools~So Down On~United By Fate
18.  Jerry Lee Lewis~High School Confidential~Original Golden Hits
19.  The Get Up Kids~Off The Wagon~Woodson
20.  Boysetsfire~After The Eulogy~After The Eulogy
21.  Wild Flag~Something Came Over Me~Wild Flag
22.  Submachine~Mongoloid~Sawed Off Shotglass
23.  James Brown~Get Up Offa That Thing~20 All-Time Greatest Hits
24.  Boris~Riot Sugar~Heavy Rocks
25.  The Jesus Lizard~Cold Water~Jesus Lizard