Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode Thirteen: The Hiatus Is On

Greetings Dear Listener,

It is time to convene for another sampling of twenty-five tracks.

After the Adam Yauch special edition, we will return to our regular programming.

This is the space I would have used to write some sort of review of the Rise Against show over the past weekend.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to enter the venue due to my backpack.  Apparently the venue has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to backpacks.  I offered security the chance to search it since they were searching the over-sized purses of the female ticket holders but they declined.  I was told to take the bag back to my car.  Security found it odd when I told them I had taken public transit to the venue and had no car to put it in.

I was faced with the decision to either throw my bag and its contents in the trash or catch the next subway train back home.

The contents of said backpack were a notebook, two books and a pen.  I guess I would have been too dangerous sitting out of the way reading and writing between bands.

As big of a Rise Against fan as I am, they're not worth throwing away out of print books and a year's worth of writing.  Sorry.

Maybe next time I will guzzle $8.00 beers and start fights like the guys in wife-beaters and plaid cargo shorts instead of wanting to enrich myself through reading and writing.

Alien-boy swings and misses.  Again.

No one likes a thinker.

That's enough whining about what wasn't.  Let's talk about what is.

The Out of Step Music Hour will be going on hiatus after this episode.

I need a few weeks to digitize the giant box of records that has accumulated over the past few months.  

Given the schedule and continually being kicked in the nards by life, a break seems to be necessary.  

I can make time to record the show or record the vinyl but I don't have time to do both.  Something had to give.

I will use the time to track down new music and turn it into binary code for the computer to eat.

I will also try to find other methods of informing interested parties that this thing exists.  Word of mouth is nice but moving a bit slowly.

If anyone has any suggestions for music or marketing, feel free to send an email.

That's all for a while.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 13

Here's the playlist:

1.  Rise Against~Worth Dying For~Sufferer And The Witness
2.  J Mascis~Not Enough~Several Shades Of Why
3.  The Movielife~Jamestown~Forty Hour Train Back To Penn
4.  Rollins Band~Starve~Come In And Burn
5.  Office Of Future Plans~FEMA Coffins~Office Of Future Plans
6.  Gorilla Biscuits~Start Today~Start Today
7.  Plastered Bastards~Lemmings~If You're Not Drinking With Us... You're Drinking Against Us
8.  PJ Harvey~Grow Grow Grow~White Chalk
9.  The Beatles~Eleanor Rigby~Revolver (Mono)
10.  OFF!~Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt~OFF!
11.  Public Enemy~Superman's Black In The Building
12.  Bad Religion~Sinister Rouge~The Empire Strikes First
13.  Iceage~Broken Bone~New Brigade
14.  New End Original~Lukewarm~Thriller
15.  Iggy Pop~The Passenger~Lust For Life
16.  Snapcase~New Academy~Bright Flashes
17.  Hatebreed~Empty Promises~Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
18.  Thursday~How Long Is The Night?~Full Collapse
19.  Bad Brains~Attitude~The Omega Sessions
20.  Boysetsfire~(Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall~After The Eulogy
21.  Size 14~Claire Danes Poster~Size 14
22.  The Statler Brothers~Flowers On The Wall~Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
23.  Ben Weasel~Got My Number~These Ones Are Bitter
24.  Gaslight Anthem~45~Handwritten
25.  Johnny Cash~We'll Meet Again~American IV: The Man Comes Around

Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode Yauch: He Was The King Of Boggle

There was none higher.  He caught eleven points off the word "quagmire."

On May 4th, 2012, the world lost Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

This is the closest thing to a tribute that I could put together.  Thirty Beastie Boys tracks with minimal talking.  I figure I'd stay out of the way and let the music do the talking.

We lost a great one.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Yauch

Here's the playlist:

1.  The Blue Nun~Check Your Head
2.  Sure Shot~Ill Communication
3.  Gratitude~Check Your Head
4.  I Can't Think Straight~Aglio e Olio
5.  Putting Shame In Your Game~Hello Nasty
6.  5-Piece Chicken Dinner~Paul's Boutique
7.  No Sleep Till Brooklyn~License To Ill
8.  Super Disco Breakin'~Hello Nasty
9.  B For My Name~The Mix Up
10.  Make Some Noise~Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
11.  Ch-Check It Out~To The Five Boroughs
12.  Time To Get Ill~License To Ill
13.  Lee Majors Come Again~Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
14.  Root Down~Ill Communication
15.  Intergalactic~Hello Nasty
16.  Shadrach~Paul's Boutique
17.  Bodhisattva Vow~Ill Communication
18.  Ricky's Theme~The In Sound From Way Out!
19.  Brass Monkey~License To Ill
20.  Sabotage~Ill Communication
21.  The Gala Event~The Mix Up
22.  Dropping Names~Paul's Boutique
23.  The Brouhaha~To The Five Boroughs
24.  The Negotiation Limerick File~Hello Nasty
25.  Fight For Your Right~License To Ill
26.  Lighten Up~The In sound From Way Out!
27.  The Move~Hello Nasty
28.  Heart Attack Man~Ill Communication
29.  Say It~Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
30.  Time For Livin'~Check Your Head

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode Twelve: The Countdown to OFF! Is On

It's that time of the week for another assault on your aural and common senses.

The new OFF! record is less than a week away.  It is currently streaming on the SPIN magazine website.  After multiple listens, it is more of the same but what a same it is.

"45," the new Gaslight Anthem single is also streaming on the Rollingstone website.  July 24th is the day we can all do a happy dance because that is when Handwritten will be released.

Both SPIN and Rollingstone have outlived their relevance but they do serve their purposes from time to time.

Rise Against has a song on the Avengers Soundtrack.  Dirt and Roses is streaming on their website so save yourself the funds and take a listen for free.

The True Widow track in this episode came off of an e.p. titled I.N.O.  It was limited to 500 on vinyl but is available for download.  I.N.O. is another great five songs from True Widow.  It took the new OFF! to get me to stop listening to it.  Texas does have some redeeming value after all.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out Of Step Music Hour Episode Twelve

Here's the playlist:

1.  Black Sabbath~Solitude~Master Of Reality
2.  The Pixies~Gigantic~Death To The Pixies
3.  Fugazi~Merchandise~Repeater
4.  True Widow~S.F.H.D.~I.N.O.
5.  Rival Schools~Wring It Out
6.  Hank Williams III~Pills I Took~Straight To Hell
7.  Ruts~S.U.S.~The Crack
8.  Whatever It Takes~Write For Your Life~Fistful Of Revolution
9.  Jets To Brazil~I Typed For Miles~Orange Rhyming Dictionary
10.  Black Flag~My War~My War
11.  The Living End~From Here On In~It's For Your Own Good
12.  Dax Riggs~Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain~We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
13.  The Stooges~Death Trip~Raw Power
14.  Joe Strummer~Gangsterville~Earthquake Weather
15.  Gaslight Anthem~Casanova, Baby!~The '59 Sound
16.  At The Drive-In~Sleepwalk Capsules~Relationship Of Command
17.  John Lee Hooker~It Serves You Right To Suffer~It Serves You Right To Suffer
18.  Bloodsimple~Running From Nothing~Bloodsimple Demos
19.  Polar Bear Club~I'll Never Leave New York~Clash Battle Guilt Pride
20.  Mike Doughty~Sunken-Eyed Girl~Haughty Melodic
21.  H2O~A Thin Line~Nothing To Prove
22.  Beastie Boys~Shadrach~Paul's Boutique
23.  The Code~Story Of My Life~Alert Aware Involved
24.  Billie Holiday~Solitude~The Ultimate Billie Holiday
25.  Bob & Doug McKenzie~Okay, This Is The End, Eh?~Great White North