Thursday, July 19, 2012

Episode 16: Burning Down Companies For The Insurance Money Doesn't Mean You Can Be President

Dear Listener,

It is time to strap on your helmet and gird your loins.  Whatever that means.

You are about to be beaten about the ears with new Dinosaur Jr. and damn near fifteen minutes of True Widow.  Fifteen minutes may seem a bit lengthy to you for a single track but just wait for the time I go crazy enough to play Dopesmoker in the middle of the set.

We make a brief sonic stop in the godforsaken land of Texas for five tracks that bring some level of redemption to the land that used to be Mexico but has a problem with people from Mexico.  Go figure.

We also take time to salute the great Blake Schwartzenbach.  I've been on a Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil kick of late and now you get to deal with it too.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Black Dynamite.  The first episode was about Michael Jackson being an abusive alien from outer space.  Good times indeed.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 16

Here's the playlist:

1.  James Brown~It's A New Day So Let A Man Come In And The Popcorn~Revolution Of The Mind
2.  Beastie Boys~Say It~Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
3.  Dax Riggs~Forgot I Was Alive~We Sing of Only Blood Or Love
4.  Iggy Pop~La Vie En Rose~Apres`
5.  High On Fire~Serums Of Liao~De Vermis Mysteriis
6.  13th Floor Elevators~Baby Blue~Easter Everywhere
7.  Toadies~Got A Heart~Pleather
8.  True Widow~I.N.O.~I.N.O.
9.  At The Drive-In~Extracurricular~Split Single With Sunshine
10.  Bill Hicks~Smoking~Relentless
11.  Marnie Stern~Building A Body~Marnie Stern
12.  Submachine~Unhinged~Fresh Out Of Give A Fucks
13.  Ramones~Sheena Is A Punk Rocker~Rocket To Russia
14.  Le Butcherettes~Tonight~Sin Sin Sin
15.  Dinosaur Jr.~Watch The Corners~I Bet On Sky
16.  Jawbeaker~Accident Prone~Dear You
17.  Jets To Brazil~Perfecting Loneliness~Perfecting Loneliness
18.  Thorns Of Life~Subway~Live
19.  Forgetters~The Night Accelerates~Forgetters
20.  Nerf Herder~Chesterfield King~Bad Scene Everyone's Fault
21.  Slayer~Stain Of Mind~Diabolous In Musica
22.  Deerhoof~The Tears And Music Of Love~Offend Maggie
23.  Screeching Weasel~Come See The Violence Inherent In The System~First World Manifesto
24.  53rd State~Damn The Glass~Forward Motion
25.  Get Up Kids~Your Petty Pretty Things~Simple Science

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Episode 15: Hold On To Your Thumbs

It's that time again.

Hopefully you survived your Independence Day reverie and escaped with your thumbs and livers intact.

Nothing says freedom like blowing off a few fingers with a small explosive device while loaded on cheap booze.

We are twenty days away from the new Gaslight Anthem record "Handwritten."  Giddy with anticipation indeed.

We are twenty-seven days away from the new Toadies record as well.

Come August, the speakers will be sizzling.

Looking ahead, we will be playing a new Dinosaur Jr. song next time we get together.  Watch The Corners was streaming on the Rolling Stone website and that's how we've got it.

Hope all is well.

Thanks for listening.

Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 15

Here's the playlist:

1.  Skrewloose~I'm Negative Too~The Rise And Fall Of Forever
2.  Wire~Fragile~Pink Flag
3.  Marvin Gaye~One More Heartache~Anthology
4.  Sham 69~Borstal Breakout~The Unacceptable Stench Of Bullshit
5.  Fiona Apple~Daredevil~The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
6.  Jawbox~Cooling Card~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
7.  Lemuria~Varoom Allure~Varoom Allure
8.  Rival Schools~Travel By Telephone~United By Fate
9.  Ramones~Life's A Gas~Adios Amigos
10.  The Living End~Second Solution~The Living End
11.  The Warmers~Poked It With A Stick~The Warmers
12.  Heavy Blanket~No Telling No Trails~Heavy Blanket
13.  Tom Gabel~Harsh Realms~Heart Burns
14.  The Clash~Police And Thieves~The Clash
15.  Pixies~Holiday Song~Come On Pilgrim
16.  Fugazi~Downed City~Red Medicine
17.  Cat Stevens~On The Road To Find Out~Harold And Maude Soundtrack
18.  Lunachicks~Shut You Out~Luxury Problem
19.  Jesus Lizard~The Art Of Self-Defense~Liar
20.  Best Coast~Let's Go Home~The Only Place
21.  Propagandhi~Life At Disconnect~Potemkin City Limits
22.  Nada Surf~Icebox~High/Low
23.  Jaguar Love~Highways Of Gold~Take Me To The Sea
24.  Blood Brothers~Meet Me At The Water Front After The Social~March On Electric Children
25.  Past Lives~Skull Lender~Strange Symmetry