Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Cynics Episode Two

Greetings Dear Listener,

The second episode of The Cynics has been posted.

For your viewing pleasure:

The Cynics Episode Two

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Episode 35: Harry, Where Did Your Balls Roll Off To?

Greetings Dear Listener,

We begin this installment with a letter written by Tomas Young.  He is a veteran of the Iraq War which is now in its 10th year.  The experiment in unbridled Friedmanism was a total failure and all of the guilty parties still breathe free air.  Bullshit of the highest order I say.

Here's a link to the text of Tomas' letter:

The Last Letter

Be sure to check out the documentary Body Of War.  Tomas Young is the focus of it.  It is not an easy film to watch.

The Rival Schools "Found" album has started shipping from the label.  It should be in my ears by the end of the week.  We will certainly get into heavy doses of this one as the weeks go by.

Burn is the first track from Ready To Die that has been made available by Iggy & The Stooges.  It is because of this track that I am cautiously optimistic about the album.  April 30th can't get here fast enough.

OFF! has one of their shows from Australia streaming in its entirety.

Here's the link to it:

OFF! at the Annandale Hotel

The Gaslight Anthem has finally booked a show in Pittsburgh.  I will be sitting on the sidewalk of the venue until June with my dancing shoes on.

How many days since Newtown has it been?  And how much closer are we to getting something done?  How many steps backward can we take until we forget that day?

Thanks for listening.

Until next time.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 35

Here's the playlist:
1.  Iggy Pop~No Shit~Avenue B
2.  Iggy & The Stooges~Burn~Ready To Die
3.  Vision Of Disorder~Twelve Steps To Nothing~Imprint
4.  Cat Stevens~Don't Be Shy~Harold & Maude
5.  Bill Hicks~Easter~Rant In E-Minor
6.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds~Wide Lovely Eyes~Push The Sky Away
7.  Anti-Flag~Branded Rebellion~Split With Hostage Calm
8.  Black Sabbath~Warning~Black Sabbath
9.  Boy Sets Fire~Eviction Article~Tomorrow Come Today
10.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience~Spanish Castle Magic~Axis: Bold As Love (Mono)
11.  Descendents~'Merican~Cool To Be You
12.  Otis Redding~Let Me Come On Home~Dock Of The Bay
13.  Duke Ellington~Take The "A" Train~Ken Burns Jazz
14.  Ramones~Suzy Is A Headbanger~Leave Home
15.  Roky Erickson & The Explosives~Wait For You~Halloween
16.  Pixies~Here Comes Your Man~The Purple Tape
17.  Honor System~I Want Candy~Rise And Run
18.  R. L. Burnside~Shuck Dub~Come On In
19.  Plastered Bastards~If Life Gives You Lemons~If You're Not Drinking With Us... You're Drinking Against Us
20.  The Warmers~The Lowdown~The Warmers
21.  The Clash~Career Opportunities~The Clash (US)
22.  Mates Of State~Everyone Needs An Editor~My Solo Project
23.  Helmet~Born Annoying (1993)~Born Annoying
24.  The Movielife~Face Or Kneecaps~40 Hour Train Back To Penn
25.  Patton Oswalt~The Best Argument Against Gay Marriage~Finest Hour

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Episode 34: Good Morning Galapagos!!!

Greetings Dear Listener,

We are a month and a half away from new Stooges.  Three months away from new Black Sabbath and the Bosnian Rainbows.  Get your ears primed and ready for a bloodening.

And we are days away from The Chronicles of Marnia from Marnie Stern.  It is currently streaming on the NPR website and available for order from Kill Rock Stars.

The east coast anniversary shows for Anti-Flag have been booked.  Lemuria will be playing one of the Pittsburgh dates.  My schedule will finally be crossing paths with theirs.  Hooray.

Deerhoof and Japandroids will also be out and about this spring and summer.  Time to get out of the house, it is.

We send a special hello to our listeners along the Equator who are hanging out on the Galapagos Islands for a few weeks.  How goes it?  I hope you find this to be a satisfactory mix.

Am I the only one that feels a violent urge when Jabba The Justice opens his fat, racist, well paid mouth?  Humanity is continually fucked because of people like him.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 34

Here's the playlist:

1.  X-Ray Spex~Oh Bondage (Up Yours)~Punk You Vol. 1
2.  Sleater-Kinney~I Want To Be Your Joey Ramone~Call The Doctor
3.  Lunachicks~Luxury Problem~Luxury Problem
4.  Best Cost~Crazy For You~Crazy For You
5.  Rondelles~Revenge!~Boys Lie
6.  Miriam Makeba~Click Song Number One~Pata Pata
7.  Eyeliners~Six Years~ Confidential
8.  Betty Blowtorch~Diarrhea~Last Call
9.  Le Tigre~What's Ya Take On Cassavettes~Le Tigre
10.  Routineers~Pussy Pants~Routineers
11.  Bratmobile~Cheap Trick Record~Ladies, Women & Girls
12.  L7~Pretend We're Dead~Bricks Are Heavy
13.  PJ Harvey~Who The Fuck?~Uh Huh Her
14.  Vivian Girls~I Won't Be Long~I Heard You Say
15.  The Slits~Typical Girls~Cut
16.  Ghidorah~What You Are To Me~Ghidorah
17.  Lemuria~Expert Herder~Ozzy 7"
18.  Marnie Stern~Female Guitar Players Are The New Black~Marnie Stern
19.  Veruca Salt~I'm Taking Europe With Me~Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt
20.  Garfunkel & Oates~Save The Rich~Slippery When Moist
21.  7 Year Bitch~The History Of My Future~Gato Negro
22.  Deerhoof~The Trouble With Candyhands~Breakup Song
23.  Bikini Kill~Reject All American~Reject All American
24.  Frogpond~How Would You Know~Safe Ride Home
25.  Cleveland Bound Death Sentence~Jailbird Bars~Boys Lie
26.  Soccer Team~Lobster Season~Volunteered Civility & Professionalism
27.  Squatweiler~Churito Vs. Heavy~New Motherstamper
28.  Le Butcherettes~New York~Sin Sin Sin