Thursday, June 19, 2014

Episode 68: The People Have Lost Their Poet

Greetings Dear Listener,

The world lost Rik Mayall a few weeks ago.  You may have known him as Rick or Prick or The Peoples Poet from the British comedy The Young Ones.  Here's a brilliant sample of his work:

Boris' new album Noise came out this week.  It is a thing of beauty.  That record has completely ruined my listening habits.  I can't not listen to it.

August is shaping up to be an amazing month of releases.  J Mascis and The Gaslight Anthem both have new records out that month.  And they'll both be coming through Pittsburgh in October.

Sub Pop will be releasing Tied To A Star for J.  If you pre-order through them, you'll get colored vinyl and an immediate download of the first single Every Morning.  He'll be playing at a club the size of my living room when he hits town.

Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem will be released in a few different ways.  There will be splattered vinyl available through their web store in August followed by deluxe double vinyl picture discs that will have bonus tracks in September.  And they'll be touring with Against Me!  Unfortunately, the show is at the venue that shall not be named but certainly try to get beer in me.  Boycott broken.  Grrr.

Tacocat is one of my new favorite bands.  They certainly don't take themselves too seriously.  They're on Hardly Art which is some sort of off-shoot of Sub Pop.  And they've got a bandcamp page.

A Million Ways To Die In The West was worth leaving the house for based solely on the Doc Brown cameo.

X-Men Days Of Future Past was good but much like all of the other X-Men movies it felt like it was lacking something.

There was a new promo for Gotham:

I cannot wait to waste hours of my life watching and re-watching this show.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 68

Here's the playlist:
1.  Stephen Colbert & Black Belles~Charlene II (I'm Over You)~Charlene
2.  Resistor~Resistor (Resist Her)~Resistor (Resist Her)
3.  Tacocat~Crimson Wave~NVM
4.  The Cramps~Mystery Plane~All Tore Up
5.  Toadies~Stop It~Rubberneck (Reissue)
6.  King Buzzo~The Blithering Idiot~This Machine Kills Artists
7.  The Damned~Neat Neat Neat~Peel Session, 11/30/1976
8.  The Ruts~In A Rut~In A Rut
9.  The Adverts~One Chord Wonders (Single)~Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts
10.  Mr. Burns~Look At All Those Idiots~The Simpsons Sing The Blues
11.  Rollins Band~If You're Alive~Life Time
12.  La Sera~Fall In Place~Hour Of The Dawn
13.  Pixies~Hey (Live)~Indie Cindy (Deluxe)
14.  Ramones~Street Fighting Man~Too Tough To Die (Expanded)
15.  The Gotobeds~New York's Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones)~New York's Alright
16.  Quicksand~Blister~Manic Compression
17.  Tess Brunet~Adele~Au Ras Au Ras
18.  Eviction~Living In Emptiness~Who Will Win
19.  Cayetana~Ella~Demo
20.  godheadSilo~Booby Trap~Skyward In Triumph
21.  Soul Coughing~Disseminated~Irresistible Bliss
22.  Derketa~Darkness Fades Life~Mind Cure April 2014
23.  VUM~Valence~Strange Attractor
24.  Patton Oswalt~Airplane~My Weakness Is Strong
25.  Black Belles~Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)~Charlene

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Episode 67: Was Godzilla Even In Godzilla?

Greetings Dear Listener,

Bill Hicks had a bit about hotel pay-per-view adult features.  He referred to them as hairy bobbing man ass movies because all of the good parts were cut out.  Leaving nothing but shots of hairy bobbing man ass.  That's how I felt about the latest version of Godzilla.  Every time you thought they would show the monster, they would cut away to characters that weren't giant laser-breathing lizards.  That's $9.00 I'll never get back.

This week saw the release of This Machine Kills Artists by Buzz from the Melvins.  He's putting it out under the name King Buzzo.  Here's the album cover:

There will be new albums from Boris and Heavy Blanket out soon.  Go here for Boris pre-order info.  And go here for your Heavy Blanket needs.

 Here's what they'll look like if you buy them:

Anti-Flag announced this week that they will be releasing a best of called A Document Of Dissent to commemorate their 20th anniversary.  It's a split release between A-F Records and Fat Wreck.  Each label has their own color variant limited to 250 copies each.  Here's the artwork for that too:

In other Anti-Flag news, they have scheduled a few tour dates around the release of A Document Of Dissent.  And Chris #2 has a new side project called Resistor.  They've posted a single on bandcamp.  Go here to give it a listen.

The first Rollins Band album, Life Time, is going to get a vinyl reissue through Dischord.  No release date has been set yet but all of the paperwork has been signed off on.  I can't wait for a decent vinyl pressing of this record.  I've had a few used copies of the old Texas Hotel pressings but they've all skipped at different spots.  Their previous owners must have been some sort of savages.

I finally came up with a reasonably priced copy of The Mark Of Cain's record that came out last year.  Songs Of The Third And Fifth was not distributed in North America and not too many places had it as an import at a reasonable price.  Patience paid off big time.  It is one solid piece of vinyl.

The Menzingers and Lemuria are playing in town this week.  It looks like I'll be leaving the house for that one.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 67

Here's the playlist:
1.  Boris~Big Peach~Boris/Heap Split
2.  Le Butcherettes~Shame, You're All I've Got (ft. Shirley Manson)~Cry Is For The Flies
3.  R.L. Burnside~Poor Boy~A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey
4.  nothing~Bent Nail~Guilty Of Everything
5.  Snapcase~Energy Dome~Snapcase vs. Boy Sets Fire
6.  Zeitgeist~1,2,3~Zeitgeist
7.  Jimi Hendrix~Cherokee Mist~MCA Box
8.  Karp~Treats Of The Soul~Suplex
9.  George Carlin~Supermarkets~On The Road
10.  Submachine~Family Circus~In Spite Of Everything...
11.  The Menzingers~Good Things~On The Impossible Past
12.  PJ Harvey~Snake~Rid Of Me
13.  Devo~Uncontrollable Urge~Live At Max's Kansas City
14.  Nirvana~Drain You~Nevermind (Devonshire Mix)
15.  Lemuria~Wise People~Pebble
16.  Monty Python~Galaxy Song~Monty Python Sings
17.  Wild Flag~Short Version~Wild Flag
18.  SOA~Public Defender~First Demo 12/29/80
19.  Marvin Gaye~Trouble Man~Trouble Man
20.  Brian Eno~Baby's On Fire~Here Come The Warm Jets
21.  Jawbox~Static~Novelty
22.  Buried Alive~The Death Of Your Perfect World~The Death Of Your Perfect World
23.  Jane's Addiction~Ain't No Right~Live In NYC
24.  Bangs~Chocolate Cobwebs~Tiger Beat
25.  Heap~Noel Ford~Boris/Heap Split