Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Episode 81: Ideas Or The Lack Of Them Can Cause Disease!--Kilgore Trout

Greetings Dear Listener,

If Bill Hicks were alive today, he would have had a birthday this week.

Lemuria played in town the other night.  They instantly made themselves some of my favorite people.  Great band, even better human beings.  Here's a link to order their new single/comic book:  Silver Sprocket.

The White Wives play at The Shop tonight.  The show starts at 7pm.  The Shop is at 4314 Main St, Pittsburgh PA 15224.

The past few weeks have been very good on the ears with new music.  Obliterations and Priests have quickly become two of my favorites.  Priests have a Bandcamp page here.  Obliterations are on Southern Lord and here's an article about the band.

Speaking of Southern Lord, it looks like their webstore has a few copies of Sleep's The Clarity left on vinyl.  The ten minute track is pressed at 45rpm on the a-side and there's an etched b-side.

And speaking of Sleep, Al Cisneros' other project, Om, will be releasing a live album through Outer Battery.  There will be 200 on red vinyl and 800 on gold.

I'm still waiting on my copy of the Velvet Underground's super deluxe box set of their self-titled album.  I was waiting to find one at a friendlier price and ordered one from England.  The place I ordered it from also had Dinosaur Jr.'s Hand It Over on vinyl.  Hooray.

Stankmore Industries returns as a sponsor with a new product that will make all of our lives easier.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 81

Here's the playlist:
1.  Boss Kong~Ride To Die~The Humans Soundtrack #2
2.  Priests~Modern Love/No Weapon~Bodies And Control And Money And Power
3.  Obliterations~Scapegoat~Poison Everything
4.  Killer Of Sheep~Killer Of Sheep~Out Of Time
5.  Lemuria~Christine Perfect~Turnstile Comix #3
6.  nothing~July The Fourth~nothing/Whirr Split
7.  Aus-Rotten~Plausible Deniability~The Rotten Agenda
8.  Beach Boys~Sloop John B~Pet Sounds (Mono)
9.  Helmet~I Know~Betty
10.  Whirr~Lean~nothing/Whirr Split
11.  Mary Timony~On The Floor~Ex Hex
12.  Gorilla Biscuits~New Direction~Start Today
13.  Ma Jolie~A Song About Boats~Polars-A Years Collection
14.  Ramones~Rock 'n' Roll High School~Live NYC 1982
15.  Ex Hex~Don't Wanna Lose~Rips
16.  Inside Out~Undertone~No Spiritual Surrender
17.  Lightning Bolt~Barbarian Boy~Adult Swim Singles Program 2013
18.  Auntie Christ~Rat In The Tunnel Of Love~Boys Lie
19.  Government Issue~Plain To See~Boycott Stabb Complete Session
20.  One Day As A Lion~Ocean View~One Day As A Lion
21.  Eddy Current Suppression Ring~Sunday's Coming~Primary Colours
22.  Savage Amused~Twist My Words~Savage Amused
23.  Amen~Hello (One Chord Lovers)~Death Before Musick
24.  Stains~Germany~Stains
25.  Goblin Cock~Just Fucking Humans~The Humans Soundtrack #2

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